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Since 2006, So many fitness enthusiasts have become Corpbasics Certified and have went on to become some of the area's top fitness instuctors.

Listed below, are many of the Fitness instuctors that are actively teaching Corpbasics throughout the Boston area.

  • Creator Andrew Haynes
  • Lena Andrade
  • Hildi Arnold
  • Phil Barron
  • Bethany Bonner (Kix only)
  • Amy Bowles
  • Ali Campbell
  • Tory Campbell
  • Larry Carreirco
  • Leila Carter (Kix only)
  • Kristen Cloonan
  • Erin Collins
  • Jay Cruz
  • Erin McDonald
  • Meg Curran
  • Carrie DeBlois
  • Stephanie Dimasi
  • Theresa DiMeo
  • Jameas Douglas
  • Carrie DuBlois
  • Amanda M. Dvoracek
  • Stacey Fallon
  • Sue Ficaro
  • Tara Francini
  • Paula Garbaredian
  • Christine Gendron
  • Alyssa Greene
  • Liz Gregg
  • Bethany Hanley
  • Liza Harsch
  • Ivie Higgins
  • Kathleen Flynn Jackson
  • Athena Karalekas
  • Meg Kenndy
  • Dimitra Kyriakopoulos
  • Aloisha Lefebvre
  • Danielle Lereuter
  • Christina Lodde
  • Emily Mattson
  • Liz Mayer
  • Andrew Como
  • Janine Mandarini
  • Rita Kaderian
  • Alisiya Klochkova
  • Shaun Provost
  • Courtney Hudgins O'Connell
  • Kristen Mercier
  • Chioma Ngumezi
  • Mara Olivar
  • Karel Planadeball
  • Theresa Proia
  • Hiroko Sai
  • Lisa Shapiro
  • Erika Simmons
  • Nicole Talma
  • Jennifer Tougas
  • Sarah Vershon
  • Simone Waterbury
  • Eyoda Williams
  • Kimmel Yeager

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"I have to admit that when I started taking classes with Andrew Haynes, I was very skeptical. I had been taking kick-boxing and muscle conditioning classes for months so when I heard that there was a new teacher at the gym, I was sure his classes would be easy for me."