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Staying Motivated

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Knowing the right fitness moves is only part of the equation. Getting & staying fit requires a fitness routine compelling enough to keep you motivated. At Corpbasics’ we make exercising fun. Our music will keep you going, our instructors will keep you laughing and the hour will fly by. We also pride ourselves on fostering a strong sense of community among our clients. By being in a small workout environment, our clients get to know and support one another. And what better way to stay motivated than to workout with like-minded, friendly people, be it in a group class or a fitness training program

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If you want to stay in shape you have to make it a lifestyle change. Fad diets and die-hard exercise programs may work in the short run but once you return to your old habits you will lose the results you worked hard to achieve. Here are a few tips to help you make fitness a lifestyle.

  • Make one change a week to your routine: Changing it all at once is overwhelming.
  • Find an exercise schedule that works for you and stick to it: Consistency is the key to success.
  • Do something you enjoy: You should want to work out rather than forcing yourself to do so.
  • Incorporate healthy eating into your regime: Eating well will motivate you to exercise more.
  • Recruit a workout partner: It is easier to stick to your plan when someone else is counting on you.
  • Join a group exercise class: Studies show those who attend group fitness classes are much more loyal to their fitness routine than those who go it alone.

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Why You'll Love Corpbasics

There are so many reasons to love Corpbasics! Here are 5 of the reasons our happy clients give us as an answer to why...


Why Clients Love Us

Corpbasic Classes are the Main Reason I'm at Super Fitness

"I have been taking Corpbasics classes at the Super Fitness in Government Center for over a month now. And just in this short time, I have been taught by three instructors: Kim, Megan, and Elise. While all three are strong trainers and instructors, I have truly enjoyed Megan's morning classes."