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Andrew Haynes is a 6 Degree black belt (Shihan) and a master instructor and Personal trainer (ACE, WMAHF, SMHF) and was inducted into the world martial arts Hall of Fame in 1998.
In 1998 Andrew also created Corpbasics, a Martial arts fitness system. In 2010, Corpbasics was recognized as a National certified program by the American Council on exercise (ACE). As a personal trainer, Andrew has trained and work with people like presidential speech writer Josh Gottheimer who now works for CNN, and Boston Celtics assistant head coach John Carroll, Mike Chat the Blue Power Ranger, Boston Celtics player Vitaly Potaphenko, and Nobel winner Professor, Phil S. Baron.
Andrew has received numerous awards for his community work and fundraisers against domestic violence. Andrew received citation awards from the Mayor of Somerville and his class has won Boston’s Best Kickboxing Award three years in a row from Boston.com’s Alist 2011/12/13 along with numerous awards from Readers Choice Award for the number 1 weight loss program in the region 2012/13. In 2013 Andrew was also nominated for 50 on fire for Sports and Fitness.

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Andrew also co-produced his own fitness DVD series which was featured in Boston magazine and his infomercial was nationally shown on television and featured on several stations like Style TV – National Geographic – Discovery Channel and locally right here on NESN TV.
Getting and staying fit requires a fitness routine compelling enough to keep you motivated. Andrew Haynes’ Corpbasics makes exercising fun and teaches you self-defense martial arts techniques. Other programs that promise quick results often times give you joint pain, or even worse, you get seriously injured. Who wants that? Corpbasics is A.C.E. certified safe and effective for all levels.

As a inductee in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and recipient of the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award, Master (Shihan) Andrew Haynes has the unique combination of talent, drive , enthusiasm, and motivation that attracts hundreds of diverse people each day to his various classes throughout Massachusetts. For over 26 years, Andrew Haynes has been engaged in the disciplined and rigorous world of Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts.

In 1998, Andrew Haynes was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and awarded the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award. This is one of the highest honors given to a martial artist who has demonstrated outstanding achievement, expertise, and dedication to his art.

Having competed in hundreds of competitions and events around the country and around the globe, he has won numerous grand championships and gold medals, including championships in all around semi- and full-contact competitions. In addition to the hundreds of trophies and plaques he has received, Andrew Haynes has mastered the martial arts technique of Chung-fa, Chinese Boxing/self defense. World and State Champions Andrew Haynes has studied and trained with some of the most respected leaders in the martial arts community at their request. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States training directly under some of the top Masters of the Arts of Kenpo, Kempo, Shoto Kan, and Tae Kwon Do. Andrew continues to train on a daily basis, and studies seven different styles of martial arts. As a Master Instructor, he has trained students who have become world and national champions, as well as school owners.


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Andy's Honors

1998: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
1998: Silver Lifetime Achievement Award – WMAHOF
1998: Master’s Title – World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Shihan)
1998: Top School Instructor Award – New England Open (N.A.S.K.A.)
1997: Top School Instructor Award – New England Open (N.A.S.K.A.)
1996: Top School Instructor Award – New England Open (N.A.S.K.A.)
1996: Shihan Title Received (Master Title) from Rocky Diricco
1995: Team Fighting Award – Coral Reef, Florida (TEAM USA)
1995: Instructor of the Year Award
1995: NCIMAA Semi Contact Champion
1994: NCIMAA Semi Contact Champion