Corpbasics, founded in 1998 by Andrew Haynes, is a Martial Arts Fitness system created to cater to his clients outside of his Karate School. It started out as a boxing/kickboxing program. Over the last 13 years Corpbasics has grown in many ways. Most recently the system was recognized by for winning BEST KICKBOXING CLASS in Boston 2011. In 2006 Andy decided to pass on his knowledge, expertise and class design by creating the Corpbasics Instructor Certification Program. Corpbasics now offers a variety of classes and exclusives as well as personal training. In just the past year Andy has added 24 new group instructors and 10 Pro personal trainers, all with the right personality and the right basics. The certification program is affiliated with the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and is offered as one of their continuing education courses.

People often ask us what the Corpbasics System is all about. They want to know about the classes and the benefits of the system. The name Corpbasics means the Corporation of Basics. Having “good basics” will help you get the most out of your fitness routine, whether it be in a group exercise class or in one on one personal training. “Good basics” means having the right alignment, technique, and form when carrying out your exercise routine. All of Corpbasics classes and personal training programs are designed with these “ good basics” in mind. Through many years of experience as a Martial Arts instructor and personal trainer, Andy learned about the body and how it operates. His routines are structured in such a way that forces the mind and the body to work together to produce results.

Corpbasics will teach you how to make the connection and experience a total body change, from the inside out. It is easy enough to strengthen a muscle, it is another thing to build and inspire confidence.

Why get certified?

Our instructors are dedicated, have a passion for fitness and have been inspired by Corpbasics in some way. They enter the certification program because they want to share their passion and inspire others to enjoy exercise. By taking the course you will also receive continuing education credits towards your ACE certifications.

Why Clients Love Us

Andrew Can Whip Anyone into Shape - Even Me

"I have to admit that when I started taking classes with Andrew Haynes, I was very skeptical. I had been taking kick-boxing and muscle conditioning classes for months so when I heard that there was a new teacher at the gym, I was sure his classes would be easy for me."


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For every Limited Edition Fitness DVD System ordered, $10 will be donated to Benefit Respond Inc., a local domestic violence shelter.

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